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The Observer Effect

A previous blog concluded that attention is all that counts.
We are where our attention takes us, our experience is the quality of our attention. A flower is only as beautiful as we choose to experience it.

The art of ‘seeing’ is one of transforming the timeless, spaceless world of mathematical interference patterns - probabilities and possibilities - into the concrete world of time and space. At the quantum level it is the act of observation itself that causes a wave function - energy - to collapse out of uncertainty, into what we experience as a particular reality.

I am intrigued by ‘The Observer Effect’, a fundamental premise of quantum physics theory, which suggests that reality only occurs with the involvement of living consciousness …us.

It seems that the flower does not exist as an independent object. It exists only in the vision of the observer. In other words, if the observer is not there, the flower is not there! We are then not merely observers but participants in creating our own reality.

If this is true of all of our experiences, it is a very difficult concept for the merely rational mind to understand. However, the way we experience our virtual worlds brings it a step nearer, as when we switch off our devices or leave a page on the internet, the image is ‘not there’. It disappears into energy – a wave form, only to re-emerge as matter when we bring it back to our screen. We could think of our brains as devices that bring energy into existence.

The Observer Effect raises an open question regarding the nature of existence.

‘The act of observation creates the entire universe…’ Professor Jim Al-Khalili.

I find the umbellifer shapes in nature embody this concept for me, projecting out from a central point, seemingly to retrieve and send information in a dynamic way.

People need to ‘practise the skill of observation’, perhaps the image based world fascinated with photography we have entered is the beginning of this….

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