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Paradigm Shift

I put together this show when I was struggling to connect with the trees in the woodland that I had planted 10 years previously. My perception of them was rooted in the facts I had read about each species and I saw them as a commodity for human use. However, I felt that photographing them created an intimacy I wanted to build on.

In these pieces I present the analytical information about the tree, known as a ‘left brain’ way of understanding and juxtapose it with intuitive ‘right brain’ meanderings which are an emotive response to the photograph.

However, it is only when we transcend language and enter the wordless dimension of ‘no mind’ when the brain’s chatter is silent, that we can connect with these beings and with nature, the matrix wihich itself connects all things.

Included is an installation featuring live tree saplings from my woodland, wrapped in pages from The Observer Books of Trees, which appear in another piece falling to the ground like leaves.

Paradigm Shift is a term that has entered the language to describe a profound shift in our frame of reference.

View the show here.

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