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11th Julia Margeret Cameron awards

An honourable mention was received for these 2 images in the 2018 awards.

Billboard installation at Phytology

Ends 30th June 2018

25th & 26th May 2018 : Chelsea Fringe installation

Carol Sharp demonstrates a device that can read the electromagnetic vibration of a plant and translate it into music, during an installation at Phytology, an artist led project at Bethnal Green Nature Reserve.

Hear how patterns and melodies change in relationship to fluctuations in the environment, listen to different plants and interact with them to affect the sounds. Play an instrument and hear the plant respond. Performances with invited musicians during the day and Carol will talk about her exploration into plant intelligence. Explore the nature reserve including medicinal meadows.

The event is open Friday 25th & Saturday 26th May from 11-6pm, and visits can also be made by appointment from 21st-24th May.


Saturday 25th May : Musicians perform an improvised set on site with the plants. Be there to experience this unique event!

Sound artist Simone Salvatici  will be using using his amazing gongs which produce a powerful vibrational resonance.

Guitarist Alex Lewis will be playing various pieces and improvising when the plant chimes in.

2.30pm Alex

3pm Simone

3.30pm Alex

4pm Simone

4.30pm Both?

Chelsea Fringe is a garden festival in London which is run in parallel with the Chelsea Flower Show. It consists of a variety of eclectic events at locations across London.

April 2018 : Outdoor photography article

I was invited to write an article about capturing the essence of plants using photography, not only technical and creatively but also the philosophical side of communing with nature in this way. Click here to read complete article

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