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Multi-media projects


'Innerworld' is a multi-media participatory piece using augmented reality.

I present the interiority of the tree and invite us into its world. The audio-visual is hidden within the image, activated via a free downloadable app called Artivive. See more...

Paradigm Shift show

I put together this show when I was struggling to connect with the trees in the woodland that I had planted 10 years previously. My perception of them was rooted in the facts I had read about each species and I saw them as a commodity for human use. See more...

Plant music installations

This experience starts to increase people's awareness of the lives of plants. The music also creates a sense of well-being in people and is being used in healing therapies. See more

Miracle Egg Play

Set in the middle of the large wildflower meadowat Black Barn, Tabernacle Lane. Although aimed at children, the environmentalmessage was also enjoyed by adults. See more

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